Our Culture

Our Culture

Talos exists to show how business can improve lives.

Our Eight Values

How we act


We live our purpose and positively impact others.

Live the Golden Rule

We treat others as we want to be treated.

Get Things Done

Others can count on us to get the job done no matter the obstacle.


We speak truthfully and fully with others. We never let our important thoughts and ideas go unsaid.


We are humble and put others above ourselves by always looking for opportunities to help.

Own It

We admit our mistakes, don't blame others, ask what could be done differently and work hard to make it right.


We are constantly looking for better ways to do things. We help make Talos better every day.

Learn and grow

We are learners, not knowers. We understand we can never know enough so we do the hard work of making ourselves better.



Our Five Lenses

How we view every decision

Our team members benefit from work that is important, interesting and rewarding with opportunities for growth accompanied by very competitive pay and benefits.

Our customer benefit from innovative solutions delivered by a motivated, loyal and purposeful team.

Our Suppliers benefit from being treated fairly and honestly, knowing they will have opportunities to grow with us.

Our communities benefit from the time, talent and effort we enthusiastically share both as a corporate team and as individuals.

Our investors benefit from the improved profitability that comes from well executed, sustainable and fair work done by a highly effective team.