A fast and easy solution with a small footprint.


Space Saving

Small or no footprint. Can be mounted directly to existing equipment to join systems.

Multiple Sorters

Self-starting and self-lubricating. Smoother product flow reducing the opportunity for jams. Product can even accumulate in the chute and still slide.


We use recycled UHMW which is a permanent material, it can be infinitely remade into new products with minimal energy.


For lower transportation costs and emissions, easy installation, multiple pitches, widths, infeeds and discharges, even field adjustment on-site.

Additional Benefits

  • Applicable to multiple industries and product types.
  • Manufactured through our diverse supply chain across the UK and EU for economical and reliable project fulfilment.
  • Available in different sizes based on standard collection containers. Consult with TALOS for other project specific options. Custom designs are available.
  • UHMW, Stainless steel, Galvanized and Epoxy Coated sliding surfaces are available.
  • Modular for simple addition of more units at a later date.
  • Available with full 3D chute simulation and modeling for pre-contract engineering.