Services & Benefits

What sets us apart.

100% Recyclable, Sustainable and Permanent Materials

All Talos chutes are made with Recyclable, Sustainable and Permanent Materials. Once produced they can be reused continuously with minimal energy input.

Lower Transporation Costs

Our Chutes are modular allowing for minimized transportation requirements reducing costs and emmissions.

European Based Supply Chain

Talos Limited is based in Cork, Ireland with a diverse supply chain across the EU, the UK and Eastern Europe vetted and assured through our 90-point Quality and Operation audits.

Designed for Delivery

Our design and supply chain reduce lead times and minimize delivery disruptions due to environmental, political or other regionalized issues. Talos delivered over 500 chutes across the EU and UK during COVID lockdowns.

A Wealth of Experience

Talos has been a premier chute manufacturer for over 30 years.

Full Chute Simulation

Full in-house 3D simulation and modeling software for pre-contract engineering.

All Types of Chutes

We have designed and manufactured all types of chutes; Straight, Spiral, Butterfly, Stanchionless, Chimeny, Flyer and in all types of materials; UHMW, Stainless, Galvanized, Epoxy Coated Steel.

Talos Global Support Database

Our Global Support system uses QR code labels on each asset in the field to allow users direct 24/7 access to specific project and engineering information, installation drawings, illustrated parts diagrams and contact information to project management and customer service.

All Package Types

Talos UHMW Chutes can handle all types of Parcels and Packages even Totes and Baggage.

Custom Standardized Design

Full engineering support through concept to installation. Our designs are standardized and modular yet can be customized for every specific solution. Full 3D modeling and simulation throughout the process to ensure reliable operation.

No Maintenance

There is no need to lubricate. Some users report never requiring cleaning or maintenance. You don't even need to keep spare parts on hand.

Fast Installation

Talos Chutes are designed for fast and easy installation. With our turn-table install fixture a spiral chute can be assembled in as little as 30 minutes.

Beyond Quality

We go beyond creating quality designs and product. We seek out feedback from our customers, suppliers and installation crews on how Talos equipment can be optimized.

Service Focused

We accept nothing less than leading the industry in customer service. Talos customers receive prompt responses and continuous communication throughout the project cycle.

Real-World Testing

Talos has a 3.000 square meter facility dedicated solely to product testing and development. We can accommodate any test required including static load, conveyer fed and varieties of package types, frequencies and exceptions.

Scheduled Deliveries

Talos works closely with Project Management, Installation Crews and Suppliers to properly phase a delivery schedule and ensure on-time delivery.